Tales of the Full Moon

It is my wish that children and adults will learn the wisdom of nature from “Tales of the Full Moon”.  Daktari Sue

“Tales of the Full Moon” are a collection of short stories created out of Sue’s desire to educate children to the importance and beauty of the natural world, in the hope that they will awaken the interest of future generations in wildlife conservation.

“I hoped that by sharing the Tales all that is best in humans could be awakened”  Daktari Sue

There are ten tales in all featuring a range of diverse and interesting characters, including Rumble Drum the elephant, Splash the baby Hippo and Wally Warthog, all brought together through the moonlight tales of narrator, Spinosa Spider.

“When people connect with animals through stories like these, they will no longer want to destroy them”. 
Daktari Sue

Now available in Mandarin.

“Tales of the Full Moon” have been brought to life in the form of short films, apps, audio books and ebooks: a virtual world that immerses the audience in the beauty and diversity of Daktari Sue’s African wilderness. To learn more, www.planetafryca.com

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Lions watch the sunriseThe Dung BeetleGiraffe Elephant Feeding Lion Chasing Warthog