About Sue Hart

Sue Hart with Genet Cat

May 1927 – January 2010

“Sue’s love of the earth and all life upon it shone through in her work”.

Sue Hart was a vet, conservationist, environmental educator, broadcaster, best-selling author and humanitarian. Born in Austria, she moved to the UK and went on to qualify at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. She relocated to Africa to practice veterinary medicine, where she became one of the most recognised names in the field of wildlife conservation.

Sue was honoured with the name “Daktari” (Swahili for bush doctor) when she was working as a wildlife vet in east Africa. Her work during this period inspired the popular TV series, “Daktari”. She performed pioneering operations on many wild animals, including the lions and cheetahs under the care of George and Joy Adamson of “Born Free” fame.

An accomplished author, Sue wrote many successful books for adults and children about her work including the best-seller “Life with Daktari”. Read more about Daktari Sue on Planet Afryca.