"Daktari Sue" in a Children's World

Daktari Sue with childrenNot only was “Daktari Sue” a pioneering wildlife vet in Africa, she was a very versatile and accomplished children’s writer and television personality. In 1963 and following the success of “The Spider’s Tales”, Sue was invited by the SA Broadcasting Corporation to broaden the scope of her approach to conservation education and this, in turn, led to the popular “Doctor Sue” series, broadcast direct from selected school venues.

In England, Sue made a number of appearances in 1967 on Jackanory and Play School. She created five programmes under the title “Vet in Africa” and a collection of tales for the very young.

During her “Daktari” years, she initiated a television series for children called “The Animal Ark”. This was filmed in the open air allowing young people to come into close contact with “the tame and the wild”. In 1978/79, she scripted a junior wildlife series “The World About Us”, followed by “Nightwatch”, presenting the diversity and wonder of natures realm through acoustic episodes tarketing non-sighted adults and children.